Grilled Brussels Sprouts

It’s summertime, which means I’m grilling everything. [Or, more accurately, I’m telling my beau to grill everything.] The grill is for way more than meats in my home – nothing is safe around here. I particularly love grilled vegetables. They get all the flavor you typically achieve by roasting without heating up your whole apartement. This weekend I tried grilling Brussels sprouts for the first time and let me tell you – a revelation! There’s no real recipe so feel free to mix up the seasoning, but these were bangin, required no hands-on time, and had exactly zero cleanup.

Lay out halved brussels sprouts and a sliced shallot on some tin foil. Drizzle with olive oil and seasoning (I used a smoky bacon sea salt + garlic powder) then cover with another sheet of foil and crimp the edges to seal. Throw the packet onto the grill over direct heat and don’t touch them for 20-25 minutes. The result is pretty perfect.