Starting next week it’s go go go. We’re heading to Savannah/HHI where I’ll still be working from home but will need to get adjusted to a new environment super quickly. Then when we return, I’ll have exactly one night to turn my suitcase around before heading to Montreal for work. And when I get back from Montreal? Well I have a wedding the very next day. And then it’s August. WHAT?! How did that happen?

For my birthday, my beau got us tickets to see Six and the big day finally arrived over the weekend. It was the first time leaving Finn with a babysitter in NYC and having a true date night…and it was FABULOUS. Also, the show was wonderful. I knew it was going to be a fun show, but I didn’t expect to be smiling ear to ear the whole time. It’s basically a pop concert and I’m still singing those songs nearly a week later.

I had a Summer Friday last week so I decided to pick Finn up early and we heading to the Bronx to hang with Kathleen and her kiddos. It was a playdate for me as much as for Finn. While they’re still so young that they mostly do their own thing, it was cool to see the boys start to interact with each other a little bit. He’s also been trying “real” food like tortillas, mozzarella, and watermelon and these glimpses of toddlerhood are everything to me.

My fave, Phoebe Robinson, just premiered her very own tv show and I was able to snag a ticket to an advanced screening with the cast. I haven’t done something like that on a Tuesday in quite a while and it was so much fun. I loved feeling a bit random, infusing some culture into my week, and being a bit vulnerable by reaching out to an internet friend to hang after the show. Also, I really enjoyed the show and if you’re a Pheebs fan, you should check out Everything’s Trash on Freeform.