Wiley’s BBQ

Like all Savannahians, I have my favorite bbq spots, and I rarely venture away from them. However, on my most recent visit home, we decided to go somewhere different and I was not disappointed with the change of pace. Wiley’s is a championship-winninng joint that has recieved pretty much any accollade a smoker can get.

We shared an order of smoked wings (lemon pepper variety) and they were pretty perfect. For mains, my Dad got ribs, my beau got a combo with brisket, and I got a pulled pok sandwich. All the meat was great and I was a fan of all three sauces, particularly mixing the Extra Tingly and Championship sauces. Overall, the sauces were similar and not a mustard-based one in the bunch so do with that what you will.

We’ve also gotta talk about the sides because a good bbq experience can turn sad real quick when the sides are lackluster. I’m happy to say the sides here were very good. I didn’t love the collards, but the broccoli cheese rice casserole and potato salad were both great. It’s not often you can find the broccoli cheese rice casserole, but it’s a solid old school lowcountry side so I was excited to see it as an option. I’d be happy to come here for a veggie plate and, honestly, that’s a sign of a good bbq spot.

A wall full of awards – an extra large wall, in fact, since they’ve taken over the space next door – can’t be wrong. Wiley’s is serving up some great bbq.