Fish Cheeks

Here’s the most important thing you need to know about Fish Cheeks: they have a killer oyster happy hour. $6 beer, $10 wine, and $18 for a dozen oysters. It’s every single day of the week from noon-3:15 and 5:00-6:00. You can enjoy them outside, like we did, on the cobblestones of Bond Street, or you can have your meal inside the restaurant. If you head indoors, you’ll find caned pendant lights, scaled tiles, and bold floral wallpaper – all in a red/yellow/teal color scheme that looks cool not clownish.

My nephew slurped down 7 oysters in under two minutes before we realized they were gone and we had to insist he slow down so we could have some. I don’t blame him; they were delicious. They came with a spicy cilantro mignonette and crispy fried onions. If you’ve never had fried onions as an oyster accoutrement (I hadn’t), I urge you to try it.

Instead of bread for the table, you’re treated to shrimp chips with a sweet umami dipping sauce; this is a Thai restaurant, after all. Unfortunately, we were only doing happy hour so I didn’t get any further through the menu, but I tasted enough to make me want to return. I also saw the crab fried rice being toted to another table and made a nice lil mental note. I’ll be seeing you soon, friend.