Kimchi Smoke

I love festivals because they always bring in food vendors that are just out of reach. I have no idea where Westwood, NJ is…which means I’m never going to make it out there myself. Thanks to the BBQ & Blues event on the Hudson, I didn’t have to try. They did all the work and I got to enjoy what has been awarded some of the best bbq in Jerz. (I know Jersey isn’t known for their bbq, but I’m not judging.)

Kimchi Smoke is Korean barbecue…but not Korean barbecue. Let me elaborate: they’re fusing Korean flavors with traditional Southern bbq rather than the style of grilling meat at your table popular in Korean cuisine.

I ordered the brisket tacos topped with slaw and very much enjoyed. The slaw needed a biiiit more…something? Salt or vinegar perhaps? But overall, I loved how the smoky Texas bbq flavors and Korean flavors work together. It does make me want to figure out where Westwood is so I can try more of their menu…