This is the first week in recent memory where there are zero after work activities planned for me or my beau. Supper at home together five nights in a row? No rushing to pick up the kid? No need to be “on” in front of people? It’s been a while since that happened. Our weekends have also started to open up…but we’re already filling those back up with activities because we’re just busy people I guess. Why sit around when you can plan a trip or go to a festival?!

It had been six weeks since she’d seen Finn so my Mom planned a last minute trip to NYC. She was only here for 45 hours, but it was a great 45 hours. In those six weeks, Finn has learned all sorts of new tricks – he started pulling himself up, eats ALL the foods, and is interested in new types of toys. It was nice that she got to see all these developments in person. She also got to see how we’ve incorporated him into our life, bringing him on the subway and to restaurants. Perhaps it’s a different approach, but it’s been working for us and I’m glad she got to see it in action.

On Sunday I participated in a one-mile race. Short distances like this are usually called “fun runs” and it was just that. There was still all that awesome race day energy and I felt GREAT starting the day with such an endorphin boost. The course itself – 20 blocks down 5th Avenue, starting at The Met and passing all the gorgeous buildings across from the park – was lovely and flat. It also felt like a very “New York” thing to do. I was surrounded by fellow New Yorkers, in front of iconic city landmarks, on a day that felt like we were maybe inching towards fall. It was a beautiful way to commemorate 9/11. I had a great three-song playlist and managed to beat my goal. I was hoping to do it in 7:30 and I finished in 7:13. I truly can’t wait to do this one again next year.

Because I was rushing from Finn’s 9-month checkup to in-person meetings at the office, I missed my morning coffee. By 3:30pm I was struggling so I treated myself to a fancy cardamom latte. Coffee is insanely expensive nowadays, but this succeeded in giving me a necessary pick-me-up and broke up the day nicely.