Lady Wong

One of the best things to come out of COVID may just be Lady Wong. When it became difficult to find the sweet treats from the Nanyang region (aka Southeast Asia), Seleste Tan and Mogan Anthony opened up this bakery to bring the cherished flavors here. Walking in here feels like stepping into the jewelry salon at Berdorf’s. The stunning colors and treats all organized with precision makes these desserts look like gems.

They have a huge variety of kuih aka sweet snacks/cakes/pastries. There’s bánh da lợn, a Vietnamese layered cake made with tapioca and rice flour. There’s nian gao, a thick, sticky steamed rice cake in flavors like ube and pandan with a brown sugar crust begging to be cracked into. There’s custard cake, sticky rice tarts, and roll cakes. You won’t find standard flavors like cookies and cream here. This is, instead, the spot for calamansi, cassava, and rose.

I had to try a variety of treats – I needed as many flavors and textures as possible. I got the ube nian gao, black sesame passion fruit petit gateau (black sesame mousse with a passion fruit caramel center and black sesame sponge over a chocolate sable), serimuka pandan (sticky rice on the bottom and pandan egg custard on top), and cassava cake. Everything was wonderful – both to eat and to look at. I don’t like whippy/airy texture so I wasn’t expecting much from that black sesame passion fruit gateau, but it may have been my favorite.

A lot of these treats are very glutinous and not overwhelmingly sweet so if that texture is up your alley and you’re not looking for a chocolate bomb, this place is definitely for you. It’s so nice to have a totally different bakery option. I don’t need any more cupcakes, ya know?