Honey Mustard Salmon Bowl

Grain bowls feel like chicken territory, but I’m here to tell you that salmon is an ideal protein because, while you assemble them to look all pretty with each ingredient occupying its own little space, once it gets all mixy mixy it’s nice to have a bowl where every bite is a perfect bite. Because salmon, in all it’s flaky glory, incorporates into the bowl so well, all the bites become perfect bites. I love chicken finger salad with honey mustard dressing and this bowl uses that as inspiration but healthifies the protein a bit and introduces some extra greenery with some brussels sprouts.

The two most noticeable ingredients in this bowl – salmon and brussels sprouts – are roasted, so prep them and get them both in the oven. The brussels sprouts take longer to cook (especially if you like them very roasty like me. Toss them with oil and everyday seasoning and put them in a 375 oven. While they’re cooking, start your quinoa going in a rice cooker and prep your salmon by slathering on a coating of mayo, sour cream, honey, and grainy mustard. After the brussels sprouts have been in the oven for about 10-15 minutes, stick the salmon in there. Both of those items will continue cooking for about 20 more minutes, which gives you plenty of time to prep the other toppings: peas (warm some frozen ones quickly in a pan), shredded cheese, and fried onions.

Although it has lots of toppings, this is one of those bowls that requires very little hands-on time and veryyy little cleanup so it’s a great weeknight meal.