I’m proud to say we’ve been keeping up with my New Year’s Resolution to have [a minimum of] one date night per month. Recently, the date night was, in fact, a double date. Our friends live in Hoboken so the West Village is the perfect meeting ground and they suggested Boucherie, a traditional French spot. Though it’s been around for a while, this was actually my first visit and it was a solid one. Walking in, I was struck by how grand it looked while also feeling tight with teeny tables.

First thing I noticed was the glassware – I imagine this is how people sip on absinthe.

We split the escargot and ceasar salad among the four of us. For the mains, the boys went in on the steak with the most massive marrow bone. I love a good marrow bone. I got the tartare, which was topped with the most perfect little quail egg. The menu is entirely traditional French bistro fare and, based on the items we ordered, I can say it’s very well executed.

Boucherie is not cheap, but it was quite tasty. There are no surprises on this brasserie menu, but every item will have you saying “this is a good [fill in blank with typical French dish].” I’d say that makes this spot good for a splurge of a date night but not a regular haunt.