There’s a nice little stretch of restaurants on Lexington in the low 100s and from the moment I saw them working on the Perch space, I knew it was going to become a go-to. The design alone is just my style, with deep green tropical wallpaper and thin vertical (almost fluted-looking) paneling. I love the arched door/transoms and long curved bar. It’s downright sexy.

The first drink I tried happened to be a mocktail and I was impressed they conjured up something tasty and not overly sweet (lots of sugar and afterthought vibes are common with mocktails). I really felt like I was sipping on a cocktail (i.e., something special and celebratory) and not “othered,” which is the ultimate goal when it comes to mocktails. I’ve since tried the City Sunsets, Nutty Belle, and a smoked old fashioned. Enjoyed every single one. It should also be noted that my father and husband were happy with their spirits selection when they simply wanted a little something on the rocks.

All the food I’ve tried so far (olives, cheese plate, shishitos) has been great, but the bread and dip is absolutely incredible. It’s like the best whipped ricotta with just the right amount of lemon and the bread is perfection. It’s oiled just right with crusty edges, light insides, and just-enough toasting.

Thus far, I’ve only had drinks and snacks as a stop before or after dinner elsewhere, but the larger dishes coming out of the kitchen look good enough to make Perch the full destination.