• Who takes your photos? What sort of camera do you use? Moi (and sometimes my accommodating boyfriend). With nothing fancier than an iPhone.
  • What is your day job? I work in media planning and buying.  Basically, I don’t create the ads themselves, but I do tell our clients the best magazines/websites/etc. where they should run their advertising and then do all the negotiating.  If you’re a “Mad Men” fan, I’m [a hopefully more likeable] Harry Crane.
  • Why did you move to NYC? I got a job.  That’s the honest answer.  I was never someone who dreamed of moving to New York; it just happened to be the only place I found employment.  That said, once I moved here I fell head over heels in love.
  • What is your favorite…? 
    • Book: “Gone with the Wind,” “My Life in France,” and anything by Pat Conroy.
    • Movie: “Wet Hot American Summer,”  “Amélie,” “Steel Magnolias,” “Mean Girls,” and “Love Actually”
    • Brand: Kate Spade and C. Wonder
  • Where in the city do you live? After 5 years in the Upper East, I took the big girl step of buying my first apartment and moved to Murray Hill.
  • What does the name “Peaches to Apples” mean? Since peaches and apples are foods, you get an idea of the blog’s main focus while also understanding the content covered here falls on a spectrum (we’ve got a little of everything!). The name also implies my move from Georgia (The Peach State) to New York (The Big Apple).
  • What blogs do you follow? Some of my faves include:

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