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Cafe Ronda

My friend Podz is crazy and runs marathon after tiring marathon.  She was sore from her latest 20 mile practice run (weenie), so I decided to give her leggies a break and headed to her hood for brunch on our day off from work this past Monday.  When I said I was in the mood for eggs, Sarah knew exactly where to take me.  Located on Columbus between 71st and 71nd, Cafe Ronda, specializes in Argentinean tapas, but as I said, I had eggs on the brain so I skipped the tapas/lunch portion of the menu.

At first I was disappointed because I’m not big on omelets, and that seemed to comprise the lion’s share of the egg menu…until I realized that all eight of the egg dishes could be prepared as omelets OR baked eggs.  That hooked me.  I’m on a big baked egg kick and they’re not as prevalent as the benedicts of the world, so this was a treat.  Podz got one with asparagus and goat cheese and I chose the sausage with onions and peppers.  I ate everything on my plate, including the toast and homefries.  It wouldn’t be brunch without bloody marys and mimosas, so we each had a couple drinks and stayed to chit-chat.  The staff was nice and didn’t rush us out when we were clearly done with our meal and drinks.  I’m not in the UWS often, but if I ever travel back up there for brunch, I’ll know a good place to go.

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