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Last night I hit up Landmarc in Tribeca with some co-workers, and I was happy I did.  Although it has been a short work week, we were thoroughly stressed by the end of Thursday and ready for some good food and wine.  Landmarc picks up flavors from all over Europe, but I kind of liked being able to have my French cheese plate (tasty, though the chesses were a tad mild) and goat cheese profiterals (the goat cheese cream center was a nice surprise inside the little puffs) alongside my Mediterranean lamb meatballs (full of spice and topped with a whipped ricotta).

For my entrée, I took the waiter’s recommendation and went with the lamb shank served with brussel sprouts and a bacon/celery root mash.  The meat fell off the Fred Flintstone bone and melted in my mouth.  Em’s red snapper with pecorino polenta looked very yummy as well and Millie’s steak was huge and perfectly cooked.  I love dips, so I was definitely intrigued when I saw that Millie was able to pick from a list of sauces to accompany her steak, but I’m still glad I stuck with my lamb shank because it was delicious and hearty.

After two bottles of wine and all that heavy food, we decided to pass on dessert, but I could not help but notice they were surprisingly well-priced ($4 each, $16 for a taste of all 8 or so treats).  Instead of the usual mints, the check arrived with a plate of ultra-creamy caramels.  After popping several of those in my mouth, I really didn’t mind passing on the dessert menu.

The atmosphere was nothing special, but the friendly host, wait staff, and quality food made up for it.  It’s definitely not cheap, but keep it on the radar if you want to splurge.

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