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After yet another disappointing UGA game, I headed to a late dinner with Matt, Karina, and Karina’s roommate.  I am happy to proclaim Sorella is a new favorite for tapas and pasta.  The wine list is supposed to also be great, but I was feeling just fine after downing several Jack and Diets at the bar during the [depressing] game, so I didn’t sample any of the vino.  Oh well, just one more reason to go back.  But let’s get back to the stuff I did try.

We started with a few appetizers:

  • Anchovies with hazelnuts on flatbread – I know anchovies are the butt of all pizza delivery jokes, but this was quite tasty
  • Meat plate – Particularly good because it included lardo
  • Duck fat english muffin bread topped with chicken liver mousse, egg, and candied bacon – unbelievable and a really good portion size.  Order this when you go; it’s the chef’s specialty.

We all ordered pasta for our entree.  The portion size of the pasta is not equivalent to a full entree, so I would do what we did and order some apps, too.  I ordered the ricotta gnudi with a sweet corn sauce.  The dough was incredibly silky.  It was my favorite pasta of the four with Matt’s gnocci with brown butter pears coming in at a close second.

I loved how the narrow bar area opens up into a glass covered garden dining room.  It was intimate but still spacious.  The desserts looked great – especially the gelato – but it was getting late and we were perfectly satisfied (not too full but zero desire to raid the fridge back at home) so we passed.  Next time.  And there will definitely be a next time.
Cute note sent from the chef with the check – every table gets a different one

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