Brie, Eggs, and Truffle Toast

This is one of those breakfasts that feels very special and weekend-y but takes very little time to make.  Start by toasting a thick hunk of artisan bread (or two thinner slices of oat/grain bread) in the oven that you’ve topped with a couple slices of brie.  If you simply toast the bread in the toaster then add the brie, the cheese won’t get properly soft.  And this dish just doesn’t taste the same with a hard, chilled rind.

Note: for the best toast, toast in the oven til crispy, then top with brie slices and stick under the broiler so it melts without getting the toast soggy.  When the toast comes out of the oven, mash the brie a bit with a knife/fork/spoon (photo on right) so you get the whole piece of toast fully covered with cheesy goodness.

While the toast is toasting, start scrambling three eggs with butter.  Scramble however you think is best.  I think it’s nice to add just a teensy bit of milk or half and half.  As the eggs begin to take their scrambled form, add salt, pepper, and truffle oil to taste.  Add the eggs right on top of your brie toast.

truffle eggs and brie toast2

truffle eggs and brie toast3

Honestly, one piece of this toast feels like a full breakfast.  It takes no more time to make than regular scrambled eggs and toast, but it’s so much better.  It’s so easy, in fact, that I made this while pretty drunk.  And when I say it’s pretty much a perfect open-faced breakfast sandwich, that’s not the booze talking.

truffle eggs and brie toast6