Book Review: The Other Wes Moore

Just when Wes Moore is finally making it big (Rhodes Scholar, study abroad, stable family) he learns of another man, also named Wes Moore, who was raised under remarkably similar circumstances but wound up with a life sentence for murder. Both men were born within a year of each other, lived only a few blocks apart in a rough Baltimore neighborhood, neither had a present father, and both had early run-ins with the law. After learning of the coincidence, the author (Wes Moore) is compelled to correspond with the man who shares his name and more importantly to take something positive from the situation. How can two boys begin on such parallel paths and diverge to such extremes and how can he help more boys find the success he did rather than wind up like The Other Wes Moore? 

I found this to be an intriguing case study on the effects of environment (and most importantly, I believe, the mother’s role) on life and the choices we make. Tragic on one hand, inspiring on the other.  4 out of 5 stars.