Tres Traif

About a week and a half ago I went to Williamsburg for Sunday brunch with Matt and Jen.  I knew I had to get in some quality time before the baby popped out (which she since has, that adorable little wad of cuteness).  They texted me four options and I chose Traif since it had been on my list for a while and because as a self professed “bad Jew”, I can appreciate the tongue-in-cheek name (traif means non-kosher and the restaurant specializes in pork).
It was clearly the owner manning the stove in the open kitchen, which put me at ease, especially since he hollered over to ask how our meal was.  It’s nice he actually cared about our experience.  Everything looked so good that I’ll definitely be back to work my way through the rest of the menu.  Jen was dead set on pancakes since the previous Wednesday and as Matt says, “what pregnant lady wants, pregnant lady gets.”  Her blueberry pancake looked thick but fluffy – everything a pancake should be.  I settled on the egg-in-a nest (aka: rocky mountain toast aka toad-in-a-hole).  What drew me to this particular egg-in-a-nest is that instead of a piece of toast, it was made with a grilled brie and portobella sandwich on brioche.  They left the hole they took out to make room for the egg, which of course was the best part.  Matt went with the pork belly, egg, and cheese sliders with sweet potato fries and a tomato remoulade sauce.  The portion was a little small but that’s ok because we ordered bacon doughnuts with dulce de leche to share for dessert.  The waiter actually remarked that he couldn’t believe how fast they disappeared.  They were so light and airy; I could have eaten them like popcorn.
The portions were not super big, but that was also reflected in the price.  The menu consisted of common comfort food (much of it Southern style) with a slight twist and at only about $10 for a dish, I was surprised I got such a unique, composed dish on my plate.  The restaurant logo mirrored my own sentiments: a pig with a heart in the middle.  I heart pork.  Now, I heart Traif, too.