Book Review: Something Borrowed/Something Blue

My idea of a beach read is a collection of raunchy essays.  Unlike most girls, I’m not one for chick lit, but I had heard enough raves about these books that I figured I would pick them up before going to an advanced screening of the film adaptation I had RSVP’d to (which I thought was a cute rom-com and now love John Krasinski who is free to leave his wife for me any day).

I thought the books were cute enough and definitely improved after the first 50 pages.  They are mindless reads that thankfully had a somewhat realistic ending (I’m thinking more of the first one, here).  The second one was more predictable and included too much label-dropping.  (After the first 17 mentions of Prada, I figured it out – you’re hot to trot.)

I don’t see myself devouring other books in the girly girl category, but it was a nice break from all the serious things I’ve been doing/reading lately.