It’s here.  Though I started celebrating over the weekend, today is my actual birthday.  I have officially entered my late 20s.  As evidenced by all my posting today, I spent most of my birthday relaxing in the apartment.  Lame, perhaps, but it’s my birthday and I’ll do as I dang well please.

A little after 4, I decided it was time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful day so I headed to 10th and University to try Amorino, the new gelato shop that opened last week.  Not only is the gelato tasty, it’s art.  Don’t just settle on one flavor.  Choose as many flavors as you want and they’ll pile it onto a cone in a floral design.  Since I was getting a small cone, they suggested a max of three flavors so I went with salted caramel, speculoos (a biscuit flavor), and raspberry sorbetto.  I took mine to go and licked my beautiful cone (don’t take that the wrong way, pervs) in Washington Square Park while watching the goings on.

The gelato was tasty and refreshing, but I’m not sure it was better than any other gelato.  The presentation, however, made the price worth it for a one time treat (and mine wasn’t even as pretty as the others – my scooper seemed to be in a rush).  Though as an Upper East Sider, the ice cream shape was a novelty that probably won’t drag me from my hood often.