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Oriental Garden

On Sunday night, my parents and I went to Chinatown for some good Chinese grub.  It was only when there were about four grains of rice left in my bowl that I realized I forgot to take pictures, so I apologize that you can’t view the delicious food we ate.  I know of a few good places in Chinatown, but for various reasons, they weren’t going to work out for us, so I did a little research.  After reading that chefs like David Bouley head to Oriental Garden for top Chinese seafood, I figured it was a good place to try.

We started with a couple of dumplings – quality dim sum – though my favorite was the complimentary pickled veggies they put on the table at the beginning of the meal.  One of our entrees was a roast duck that came with pork, squid, mushrooms, and more – it allowed us to get a little bit of everything in one dish and was very tasty with very tender meat.  After hearing about the seafood, we decided to get a prawn dish that had peas and some other veggies.  It was wonderful, not over-sauced, and the prawns were huge.  This was super fresh seafood.  Although I only found this place out of frustration for not being able to eat at my usual Chinatown places, it is now being added to the roster.  It was was worlds better than the usual non-Chinatown Chinese restaurant.  My Mommy said she’ll never look at her normal take-out place the same way again.

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