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Minca Ramen

I’m kinda into ramen lately, much like the general NYC population.  When I heard there is a place that can stand up to Ippudo or Totto Ramen, I made a point to seek out Minca on my day off.  I admit, choosing Thursday, the hottest day of the week, to eat piping hot soup in a non-air conditioned room was not the best idea.  I say room because the restaurant only seats about 10 people with the kitchen in the center.

It may not sound like a good idea, but the food made up for it.  The menu is small.  You basically choose between ramen A, B, or C – the difference being the broth.  I added a radish salad because I love radishes and don’t see them on a menu all that often.  It wasn’t so much a salad as it was an overwhelmingly large stack of chopped radishes with a sesame dressing.  It was good, but I had to leave room for the main event.  I didn’t understand why there was no section on the menu for add-ins, but once I saw my bowl arrive, I got it.  It had everything I could have wanted, including half an egg and bamboo shoots.  The pork was super tender and the broth had an incredibly intense flavor.  For $10.50 a bowl, this may not only be some of the best ramen, it’s also some of the cheapest.

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