Bourgeois Pig

This is the first 4th of July I have spent away from home.  True, there are tourists in their usual touristy spots (my trip to the Apple Store kinda made me want to poke my eyes out), but all the locals have vacated to the Hamptons.  Since I’m not as posh as all that, I stayed in the city to experience what I have only heard about.  With the majority of the locals gone, the city became my playground and the restaurants became much more accessible.

Finally, all those places I can never get into were just waiting for me to walk in – no reservation needed.  Lindsay and I decided to hit up Bourgeois Pig, precisely because they don’t take reservations.  Usually this means taking a chance, strategically picking your time slot, and possibly settling in for a wait to get into the small place.  Coming from 60 blocks uptown, that’s just too many variables for me on a normal Saturday night.  But like I said, this weekend is different.

Lets start with the drinks.  I spied some interesting champagne cocktails, Belgian beer cocktails, sangria, champagne punches, and wine.  A drink is a must when you’re at Bourgeois Pig because it just adds to the decadence of the meal.  The apps all looked good, but I did not feel like a cheese board was necessary when the main course is cheese fondue.  Lindsay and I split the lobster bisque fondue because the seafood stock looked like it was going to take this fondue to new heights, and it did.  The fondue came with so many different things for dipping that you still feel like you’re getting a full meal.  Ours came with toasted French bread, rosemary potatoes, roasted vegetables (cauliflower, carrots, brussels sprouts), artichoke hearts, olives, and cournichons.  Everything was sumptuous – how can it not be when you’re enjoying fondue and wine on soft, velvet couches?  I felt like a queen.  Let them eat cake fondue!