3 on Thursday

By now, I’m well into my Birthright trip to Israel.  Have you been holding down the fort while I’ve been away?  To keep you busy, here are some fun finds I rounded up before my trip:

Apparently, neon is hot right now.  I found this great mod top for $35 and pants for $12 at H&M.  I’m not one to follow trends so if I go for one of the fads, I would rather do it on the cheap.  I went with a quasi-neon, as this top is more lime sherbet than 80s neon because that was just more me.  Also more me?  A mod look.  Love clean lines.  Someone complimented my “Audrey Hepburn look” the day I wore this and I thought that was the best compliment I could get.
The Coveteur is a great website that gives you a special peek into the closets of the rich, famous, and fashionable.  They present the clothes outside the closets themselves so you also get to see their posh home decor.  Only the most special pieces are highlighted so you can see how they’ve impacted the lives of their owners.
Apparently JK Rowling is writing a book for adults.  Since I pretty much read Harry Potter as an adult, I can only imagine this will be PHENOMENAL.