I had no idea how vegetarians survived until eating here.  Westville is not a vegetarian restaurant, but the long list of daily market sides is the best thing about this place.  Everything is so simple and fresh, and that is enough to draw long lines for this no-reservations spot.

Karina and I both started with a prosecco with mint and lemonade.  I didn’t expect it to come in slushy form, but I was glad it did since I’m not a fan of sucking pieces of mint up a straw.  It wasn’t very alcoholic, but I was looking more for something to break the humidity from a day that threatened but never delivered rain.

Although many of the dishes (like chicken or salmon) come with your choice of a couple sides, I couldn’t narrow down the list so I ordered a plate of four sides for $14.  The goat cheese that came with my roasted beets was nice and herby and the tomato/mozzarella is a tried-and-true summer dish, but my two favorites were the snow peas with sesame and ginger and the honey dijon brussels sprouts.  I gobbled up everything but didn’t feel bad about it because it was all relatively healthy.

At this place, seasonality is not something to be applied to one or two dishes, it’s the whole restaurant concept.  I love going to the green market and whipping up a dish with whatever was fresh that day.  Well, that’s what Westville does every day.