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Lovers of Today

$2 isn’t much, but can add up when you’re talking about pricey drinks.  Most mixology-focused places charge $14 or $15 for a drink, but Lovers of Today sticks to $13.  Still not cheap, but every little bit helps.

Like many fancy drink places, this one is something of a speakeasy, located at 132 1/2 E. 7th Street.  But once you walk through the door that looks like it leads to an alley for garbage bags, you’ll find a small, dimly lit den.  Along the bar you’ll see a row of bottles with jewel toned, house-made syrups.  This bar may be small, but their attention to detail is big.  I was immediately struck by the smell of eucalyptus – a scent I love but don’t come across often.  I can’t remember the name of my drink (something with Hong Kong), but I do remember that it was made with spicy pepper infused gin, cucumber, and honey or some other sweetener.

Somehow, Lovers of Today seemed a little less pretentious than other haute libation sanctuaries.  There’s no odd set of rules and the bartenders don’t dress like they just walked off the set of Boardwalk Empire.  It’s just good quality drinks, plain and simple.

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