3 on Thursday

It’s finally arrived: my three weeks of crazy begins tomorrow with Steph’s wedding weekend.  Did I get everything done with my apartment before leaving town?  Of course not.  Does that stress me out?  Yes, yes it does.  Instead of freaking, I just keep telling myself it will all get done on the week nights between now and October 11th (my ultimate deadline).  In the meantime, I’m keeping my sanity by focusing on the little things that brought me joy this week:

I have decided to grow some of my layers out and my hair is finally getting to a point where I can do fun things with it, like piling it all on the top of my head in a messy bun.  Life is way easier without all the stray pieces falling out.  The next goal is to master the curling iron.
After dinner the other night I couldn’t decide if I wanted oreos or fleur de sel caramels so, like any normal person, I decided to have both.  While sitting in front of the TV it dawned on me that I should combine both desserts instead of eating them in sequence.  I sandwiched the soft caramel between the oreos and enjoyed a slam dunk of a dessert.  Try it for yourself and be amazed.
I got my first shellac manicure on Sunday.  I never really understood what was so great about the shellac/gel manicures.  True, they’re guaranteed to last at least 14 days, but they’re expensive ($30-$50), so I would rather just paint my own nails for about 1/8 the cost.  I only went because a couple friends wanted some girl time and Rebekah had found a coupon for $19.  At that price, I figured it was worth a shot, especially because I had a wedding and trip to DC lined up for the two week time period following the mani.  I don’t want to say I’m hooked because at full price, I just can’t afford it.  I will, however, say that I’m no longer opposed to it.  These things are indestructible!  I’ve been banging them all over the place and they haven’t come close to getting chipped.  I don’t see the need to get one of these fancy manicures on a regular basis, but before a big event it’s my new must.  It’s worth the cost just so you don’t even have to think about messing up your nails right before all those close up pics of you holding your bridesmaid bouquet.  Though I can’t compare it to any other place, I recommend Karen’s Nails on Lex between 61st and 62nd.  The prices are good, they have a large selection, and Michael, the adorable gay Asian (gaysian?) man who rushes to help you with your selection is an absolute genius with the colors.  I told him I needed something conservative because I was going to a wedding and he mixed up three colors (including a very slight sparkle) to create the perfect shade.