3 on Thursday

The smart thing to do when you’re in two major weddings that are two weeks apart would be to take the weekend in the middle to relax.  But that wouldn’t be fun, would it?  Instead I went to DC to spend some time with my bestie and had a fabulous time.  Now it’s a mad dash to get everything at the apartment ready before people start arriving in NYC tonight!

Though the majority of our time in DC was spent at the bars, Liz and I had a little bit of time before my bus to check out the National Cathedral, which happens to be in her neighborhood.  The cathedral is gorgeous and as grand as can be.  As beautiful as the nave is, it was also cool to walk around the 7th floor observatory, which provides perfect views of DC and its suburbs.  Liz and I thought we were back in France where we met – this could rival most of the European cathedrals we toured.
Though I hate shopping for clothes, I will give Zara credit as one of the few stores I will tolerate.  It has become a go-to, so I’m sure you can believe how ecstatic I was that they launched their online home store (the one thing I don’t mind shopping for) in the US on Tuesday!  There are already too many items in my shopping cart…
After a couple years of hearing about how fabulous Soul Cycle is, I finally tried it last week.  Soul Cycle is an intense spin class that incorporates light weights and a stadium seating layout.  Two things make these classes so popular: the instructors who yell encouragement throughout the class (to get you through the on-bike pushups) and the great music selection (you pedal to the beat).  I loved my workout, but the price is a big downside.  It costs $32/class (with no frequency discounts) plus $3 for shoes (which have to be purchased each time).  I’ve heard competitor Flywheel is slightly cheaper, but that’s a hefty price to pay for a class.  My gym offers spin classes with great instructors.  It may not be quite as fabulous as Soul Cycle (and isn’t frequented by trendy Upper East Side ladies), but it’ll just have to do…for now.