Dangerously Delicious

I’m much prefer pie over cake, and I don’t discriminate when it comes to meat vs. sweet, which is why I was thrilled to discover Dangerously Delicious on a night out in DC this weekend.  It’s open until 3:30 AM, making it the perfect place to fuel up late night before going dancing at Rock & Roll Hotel next door.

All pies are made from scratch with a butter laden crust that covers the various fillings like a loving hug.  They’ve got the usual suspects like chicken pot pie and lemon chess pie, but then they get creative.  We went with the hot rod with bacon, which is basically roasted potatoes, cream, cheeses, onion, and bacon.  I would do just about anything to have a piece of that sitting next to me right now.

Dangerously Delicious takes pies, the iconic Stepford Wife dish, and adds a bunch of tattoos.  Something that comforting with an edge?  We all know now girl can resist a bad boy.