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Shredded Brussels Sprout Salad

I love that Trader Joe’s sells Brussels sprouts in shredded/slaw form.  They’re great to sauté with vegetables but this time I decided to use them for the base of a simple salad.  When it comes to nuts in salad, I know the walnut is usually everybody’s first pick.  I, however, prefer pine nuts or sunflower seeds for my crunch because the size and texture is more to my liking.  Now I have another that I can add to the approved nut list: pistachios. They add great crunch to the salad and are one of the more flavorful nuts (almost but not quite as buttery as pine nuts) so not much else is needed.  All you need is a light dressing (oil, lemon, balsamic) and some shaved parmesan (I used a gouda/parmesan hybrid that I love and had on hand).  One final ingredient that I almost overlooked in this recipe is fresh parsley.  It doesn’t change the texture of the salad but adds a great herb flavor.

Much like kale, substituting this for lettuce gives you something to really chomp on.  Instead of needing lettuce + something crunchy like bell pepper, you get it all in one ingredient.  Who doesn’t like making life easier?

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