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Pear Cinnamon Muffins

Ever have a feeling that’s so rare you need to pause and acknowledge it?  Well last week I had the urge to bake muffins and since I never want to bake I had to stop and give this feeling some attention.  I don’t bake because I don’t really like it – it’s too precise.  At least, that’s what I tell people.  The real reason I don’t bake is because I’m terrible at it.  I always manage to screw it up.  But since I didn’t want to neglect this fleeting desire to act like Betty Crocker, I started doing a little planning.  I hit up Google and typed in “easy muffin recipe.”  Among the results, this recipe popped up and it looked so overly simple that I began to think even I couldn’t screw it up.

Because I don’t bake, I don’t really have many of the tools needed to bake so I stopped by Whisk to scope the scene.  When I found adorable teal paisley muffin cups, my resolve to make this attempt strengthened.  They were just too cute not to use.  Armed with a 12-muffin tin and my fun muffin cups, I was ready to get to business.

I’ve heard all those “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” rumors but can never seem to get myself in the habit.  I thought muffins might just entice me thanks to their grab-and-go nature.  Of course I wanted to do a little something to make the recipe my own because I knew some sort of twist would make me that much more likely to eat it.  After following the recipe as directed, I added one pear, peeled and sliced thin along with 1.5 tsp of cinnamon (I didn’t alter the cook time).  I rocked this recipe with my change!  In addition to having those great Fall flavors, the pear helped keep the muffin moist.  Because it was thinly sliced, the pear cooked all the way through – almost melted into the cake.  Not only did this get me to eat breakfast, I’m actually reaching for two of these babies each morning.  A great breakfast with a recipe that’s too easy not to try.  Can’t wait to test out another flavor combo…what should I go with next?!

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