I thought about bailing on Matt and Karina on Saturday night.  Just for a minute.  Obviously, I wanted to hang out with them but since plans didn’t solidify til around midnight, this old fogie was ready to call it a night and head to bed.  But then I remembered how much I loved those crazy kids so I figured I could put off sleep for just one more hour.  I am so glad I rallied because I loved the bar we went to, Prohibition.

This bar does not typify the Upper West Side, or at least not the UWS I’ve seen.  I admit, I haven’t spent too much time up there in the past, but I did not expect to walk into a packed bar with a live band.  If there was live music, I figured it would be Jazz to suit all the parents in the neighborhood.  But no, this band could play at a wedding.  A really fun wedding.  The band actually had groupies who were jumping all over the place.  They may not be like the crowd I typically hang out with, but their enthusiasm was viral.  First there was some Jackson 5.  Then some Four Seasons and a round of “Build Me Up Buttercup.”  Then they moved into Lit for something a little more modern but still considered old school.  Now that Lit is old school, I realize I am old.  Ugh.
Usually, if I’m bopping around to fun music, the bar is divey.  Prohibition, however, was a little nicer.  It suited the slightly older crowd perfectly.  I particularly liked the lighting fixtures.  You may not be able to tell in the picture, but they are actually upside down wine bottles, each filled with a skinny light bulb.  They pour a good drink and the food that passed by looked good.  Food, drink, and head bopping tunes all in one spot – this made me look at the UWS in a whole new light.