Inspiration Station: "Easy A"

I’m baaaaack.  Another long break for “Inspiration Station”, but I’m back in business.  Here we go:

I think Emma Stone is just adorable.  I want to be her.  Gorgeous and witty?  Can’t ask for anything more.  Easy A was her big break-out film.  Sure it was a high school comedy, but it didn’t pander to the teen crowd with gross-out jokes, making it something to be enjoyed by just about any generation.

  1. The Dish: Turkey Sandwich with Peas.  When Emma Stone’s character tells her parents that she was sent to the principal’s office for calling another student a bad name (“twat” – teehee), they ask her to spell the word out to with her peas to avoid tainting her little brother’s ears.  I’m not a huge fan of peas, but I am confident that with some creativity it can be incorporated into the meal plan.  Originally I was going to make a dish where peas are the star – and show you (or, more accurately, prove to myself) that a side of peas isn’t terrible.  But then I saw a tweakable recipe in Real Simple that made peas a complementary ingredient.  I have never heard of peas in a sandwich (if you say you have, I call your bluff) so that got me to scrap my previous recipe ideas.  Here’s how it goes down: melt some butter in a pan and thaw some frozen peas in it with salt and pepper.  While that’s happening, spread some pesto on one side of toasted sourdough bread and goat cheese on the other.  Once the peas are cooked, mash them together.  There’s no cream or cheese so it won’t completely form a paste but it will hold together enough that you can spread it onto the sandwich.  Then just add some southwestern style deli turkey and you’re done.  It is an easy [I’m sure you could guess this was coming] peasy dish.   Because it incorporates so many other ingredients, this may not be a Capital P dish, but I love that it shows how versatile peas can be.  Peas may not be the star, but they are such a fun, unexpected ingredient in the sandwich that it could definitely win the Oscar for best supporting actress.
  2. The Doodads:
  • When Olive realizes that haters gonna hate, she embraces the rumors and starts dressing like a trollop in bustier/corset tops.  Believe it or not, this look can be done tastefully.  I love this one I found on  I just wouldn’t recommend sewing the scarlet A on it like Olive did.
  • Amanda Bynes had not yet lost her marbles when she appeared in this film.  She plays a snooty bible thumper determined to take down poor Emma Stone – why would anyone want to hurt Emma Stone – she’s a national treasure?  In one scene Amanda’s character takes out her frustrations on a stapler in the guidance counselor’s office.  If you’re gonna staple, I would recommend doing so with fun office supplies.  I like this Jonathan Adler stapler I found on
  • Olive trades false sex rumors for gift cards.  Some people are not gift card fans, but I happen to love them because I get to pick out whatever I want.  If you’re one of those who doesn’t like to give them because they’re not creative enough, I recommend re-thinking that approach.  Instead, just give a more creative gift card.  I would love to get one for
  • “When She Woke” – If you liked Easy A, why not treat yourself to another Scarlet Letter adaptation, this time in print.  Check out my book review for more info.