3 on Thursday

A trip home is always wonderful, but when it’s unexpected it’s an extra special treat.  I am leaving tonight for a wedding in Charleston and taking a slight detour through Savannah.  My brother and sister in law are also going to the wedding so we’re able to hop in their backseat for the two hour drive.  By extending the trip into a long weekend, we secured cheaper airfare and some time at home.  There are no losers in this situation.

  1. I’m not sure how I managed to get a present at Karina’s birthday brunch, but there it was.  A belated bday gift from Matt and Karina somehow made it into my bag between toasts to the birthday girl.  Karina discovered Rachel Khoo a while ago and loved how she made gorgeous dishes in her tiny French apartment.  Knowing I love both France and cooking, she assumed The Little Paris Kitchen would be a good present for me.  She was right.
  2. I love the annual San Gennaro Festival in Little Italy, pictured in today’s background photo.  It’s like a summer street fair but with better food/booths and longer hours.  In addition to the rows of Italian food booths there are a few carnival games.  I am a huge fan of county fairs and this is about as close as NYC gets so I’ll take it.  Albert won me this frog in a dart/balloon game.  Bella is very happy to have a friend.
  3. Those are bags of bagels stuffed into my carry-on.  Bagels aren’t really sold in Savannah and it drives Allison crazy so I made sure to bring her back her favorite flavors from her favorite store, Ess-a-Bagel.