3 on Thursday

I am trying so hard to take it easy and get back to a routine this week.  I went to the gym for the first time since Thanksgiving, I got back into the kitchen to test new recipes, and I spent a lot of time reading.  My body and mind both seem to be responding well to my return to the things that matter most.

Today’s background: old theater seating by the bar at Macao
  1. My last purse kicked the bucket a while ago but it took me a while to get a replacement.  On Sunday I picked up this guy from H&M and love three things about it: 1) it looks great in both the crook of my arm or as a cross-body, 2) tan goes great with both black and brown, and 3) it was only $25.
  2. After eyeing these dessert plates at C. Wonder I finally bought them last night.  They are the exact colors of my decor and add a nice touch of whimsy to the dining table.
  3. If you’re a true “How I Met Your Mother Fan” you probably know all sorts of trivia about the show.  One such fun fact is that the real life inspiration for McClaren’s pub is a bar called McGee’s.  Since McGee’s happens to be right by my office it has become a go-to for happy hours.  It’s also our official secondary UGA bar for a more family friendly experience.  I’m a fan of McGee’s but never thought it was anything special – just your average Midtown Irish pub.  Albert, however, convinced me it would be a good idea to spend some time there at 8 PM on Monday nights.  Though I have spent a good amount of time at the bar, I’ve never been there when HIMYM airs.  Because of their connection to the show, the bar airs the episodes the same way they would for a major sports game.  They also have a special HIMYM menu with items true fans would appreciate like the slapsgiving sandwich and our favorite, the bucket of wings.  This item comes with 12 huge wings and 2 shots of tequila for the “woo girls”.  I’m disappointed we didn’t discover this viewing party until the last eight episodes of the show’s final season, but I’m glad we have a fun way to see the end of the HIMYM era.