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Desi Galli

When I saw the low prices at Desi Galli I decided to order. it. up.  I felt like a baller ordering item after item.  I figured the portions would be small based on the prices, but even my $5.99 chicken tikka kathi roll (basically an Indian wrap sandwich) was enough to satisfy me.  It came with a mint cilantro chutney that I quite enjoyed.  But satiated just won’t do when stuffed is attainable for cheap.  What can I say; I’m a child of America – gluttony’s our thing.  To my order I added a samosa chaat (chaats are always messes, and this was a good mess) and a lamb biryani.  I was disappointed when I first saw the raita that came with the biryani because it looked a little thin, but the flavor was all there and it certainly did the trick of cooling down your tongue.  The food was definitely on the spicy side so I recommend ordering some extra raita, especially if you like dipping your kathi roll in it like I do.

Desi Galli shows off another side of Indian cuisine – the street food.  I had previously only dabbled in this area before, usually focusing on hearty curry meals.  This snack food, however, packs all the flavors of a big meal into a tiny, portable package and is a great way to mix it up.

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