3 on Thursday

I’m off to Savannah today!  The main even is a friend’s wedding, but I intend to schedule plenty of time to relax by the pool/river.

Background: Albert’s subway stop is Astoria Blvd.  I mistakenly thought it was Queens Blvd and spoke like I was a character in Entourage all weekend (where Queens Blvd plays an important role).  Felt like an idiot when I discovered my error.

  1. On my walk home from work last week I spotted batman and catwoman…on a date, maybe?  Times Square is crazy.
  2. A bottle of wine and a meat/cheese plate at Eataly is heaven to me.
  3. Rebekah’s bridal shower was a great way to kick off her wedding festivities.  So much ooh-ing and ahh-ing over kitchenware.