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Snickity Snack: Avocado White Bean Dip

This might be the healthiest snack you can make and still be satisfied.  It tastes so good but it’s one of those things where you’re practically burning more calories by chewing than you’re ingesting.

Just combine avocado and drained white beans in a food processor with olive oil, salt, and red pepper flakes to taste.  The whole burning more calories than you’re taking in is a slight stretch, but this is still super duper healthy.  Everyone says avocado “is good fat!  good fat!” and white beans have plenty of protein so you’re chillin in a pretty healthy place, especially if you just dip veggies like I did.  (When I told my Mom about this recipe she said pita chips would be great but less healthy – I leave the choice up to you.  You are your own boss.)

The avocado provides a rich, velvety flavor while the white beans get the texture up to snuff for a good dip.  The red pepper flakes are necessary for dimension – this is what keeps it from tasting like mush.

Tip: prep your veggies in advance.  If you’re already shaving two carrots for snack number one, might as well shave the whole bunch so you have a fridge full of ready to eat veggies for the week.  You might eat all of this avocado white bean dip in one sitting (like I did), but then you can rip into a tub of hummus and you’ll have the veggies already ready to go.  It’ll keep you from reaching for the chips.

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