Breads Bakery

I was very strategic with my run recently.  I planned it so that I would finish at Breads Bakery just in time for breakfast/brunch.  After running the 1.7 miles there, I felt confident I had earned my meal.  In fact, I felt confident I had earned three meals because I purchased a leek quiche (seemed breakfast-y), a tuna sandwich, and a bureka (how could I not?!  They’re hard to find in NYC!).

Everything was great and nothing was too dense.  Like perfect French pastry…except it’s made by an Israeli.  I would NEVER normally order a tuna sandwich.  I’m scared of them unless I make it myself.  This time, however, the cashier recommended it highly and I was in the mood to go wherever the wind took me.  I’m glad I listened.  The tuna was less of a salad, more just tuna on bread (that’s a good thing in my book) with tomato, sliced hard boiled egg, lettuce, and cucumber.  Not only do I now trust their tuna sandwich, I think it’s better than mine.