3 on Thursday

The Konters are on cloud 9 right now because last week on July 22nd my nephew, Brooks Lawrence Konter, made his grand entrance into this world.  I am home right now enjoying every moment with him and already beginning the process of spoiling him rotten.  That’s why Godmothers exist.

  1. My precious little Brooksy, only a few hours old.  He’s perfect.
  2. After Brooks came into our lives, I got all sorts of excited and wound up, so I decided to walk to work to expend some of that energy.  I stumbled upon an art installation in Times Square called Nearness by Cuban artist Arlés del Rio that is basically human silhouettes made out of chain link fencing.  I like when artists encourage interaction with their work as this one does.
  3. If you’re like me and find the best form of running motivation to be a good playlist, then you need to check out jog.fm.  Basically, you can enter the pace at which you intend to run and the site provides a list of songs set to the appropriate beats per minute.  I made a playlist with a bunch of the songs on the 8:35 pace list, but I think my next move will be to download the app which works as a sort of radio station based on your pace.