3 on Thursday

Everytime I come back to NYC after being home I have the desire to go back.  This is nothing new.  But now I really reeeeally want to go back because I’ve gotten a taste of my Brooks.  He’s a newborn so he’s not doing much, but even in the week that I was there I could see him growing and changing and I don’t want to miss a thing.  I’m sure he’ll be a completely different boy when I am back for Thanksgiving.

  1. I love oyster shell decor because it reminds me of my Lowcountry roots.  This chandelier is the perfect example.
  2. Though I planned to spend a lot of time on the river and in the pool while I was home, there was only one day when the weather cooperated so I squeezed in an hour of tan time.  Chloe enjoys soaking up the sun so she laid out in the pool chair across from me.
  3. At least for a while, Brooks will be spending all his time at his own house or his grandparents’ places (both sets of grandparents live a quarter mile from my brother and sister in law).  Every one of those homes comes equipped with a dog so it’s important for Brooks to become acquainted with his canine counterparts.  We all got a kick out of Chloe sniffing out her new friend.