My final stop at the “Taste of Jewish Culture” street fair was Peck’s where I sampled pierogis.  They were huge and only $4 for two of them so I would have to say it was the best deal of the day.  I decided to get one of each flavor: the kasha and mushroom as well as the brisket and onion.  The kasha was very good but that brisket was out of sight.  The afternoon went by quickly and all I really remember saying was “This pierogi is serious.  Serious.”  First off, the brisket itself was juicy and flavorful.  Then the pierogi was pan fried like a Korean dumpling, getting it just a bit browned and crispy.

Peck’s is a food truck that remains in a single spot in Brooklyn.  But if they’re in truck form, they must be able to drive around…like to Manhattan…so I can eat more of there food.