5 Spot

5 Spot feels like a cross between a cafe and a regular restaurant.  To me that means it has the low key, neighborhood-y, artsy-ish feel of a café but with a more substantial menu.  There is definitely something for everyone here.  In addition to the large plates, the menu has 14 sandwiches, 8 burgers, 5 quesadillas, and 6 salads to choose from.  Almost all of these items are under $10 and come with a side.  I ordered the po boy with fried shirmp and spicy slaw along with a side of collards.  The sandwich was huge and the shrimp were not overbattered.  The collards had such a great smoky flavor, like they were sitting on the smoker while bbq was being prepared.

Without a ton of restaurants right next to the Ardsley Park neighborhood, 5 Spot is a nice addition, particularly since it features a bar (which, now that I think about it, hasn’t really existed in the immediate neighborhood before).