In all the times I had been to Rathbones, it was only ever for drinks.  I actually always wondered who would possibly ever eat there – the food can’t be that good.  This is a place where softball teams gather after a game and fans go to watch sports on the many tvs.  It’s neighborhoody, a little divey, and looks just like the local watering hole it started as 30 years ago.  Turns out, they do actually have great food.  And really amazing deals.

Tuesdays are 2 for 1, not just on the drinks but on the burgers and sandwiches as well.  Considering nothing is all that expensive to begin with, this is a steal.  Nothing was going to stop me from ordering the burger.  I didn’t even need to look at the menu.  Albert has been pushing to add Rathbones’ burger to the list as a contender ever since we started scoping out the best burgers in the city so it was absolutely necessary for me to try it.  That said, when someone suggested getting a large order of wings for the group to share, there was no arguing from my end of the table.

Many burgers have a gimmick, and in this case it was the bun.  Instead of a regular bun, they used an English muffin.  I thought it was a great change of pace.  It’s just a bit sour and its pockmarks soak up the burger juice nicely.  The wings were also very good, especially if you request them extra crispy like we did.  The large comes with 16 wings and is only $9.95.  Can’t beat that…except you can.  On Tuesday they do $0.35 wings.  Do you understand how many wings that’ll get you?  All the wings.