3 on Thursday

This past weekend was kind of fabulous.  I didn’t have a ton planned but totally made the most of all my time.  Now I’m getting ready to head to DC in the morning for a wedding and time with my bestie.  Have a great weekend!

3 on thurs1

The weather this weekend was supposed to be awful and rainy.  I was originally really bummed.  This was the one weekend where I had Friday off and no commitments so I wanted to beach it up!  I realized there was no point feeling sorry for myself so instead of sitting around the apartment in the rain, I decided to plan some activities for myself.  I started by scheduling a workout class at 305 Fitness and it really got my long weekend off to a great start.  I can’t believe I was up and out of the house earlier than I normally am on weekday, but it was worth it.  I felt so energized once I left the class.  It turns out the weather reports were wrong and there was no rain all weekend, but I’m glad I made these plans – it got me out of the house and doing something!

3 on thurs2

Friday night we did one of my favorite things: French Dip Friday (or as we now mispronounce it, Friendship Friday) at Rathbones.  It was more or less impromptu, but it turned into a great night with friends, [LOTS of] cocktails, and of course French dips and wings.  I loved that Rathbones, like myself, has Olympics fever.

3 on thurs3

When our plans to take a boat ride on Saturday fell through, Albert and I found ourselves at Burger & Lobster, which also meant we were very close to one of my all-time favorite stores, Fishs Eddy.  I wanted to grab something, but when we walked by and saw this sign, I ended up getting many things.  I love that they did this for New Yorkers!  Just one more reason to be obsessed with this store.