E’s Bar

It’s good to have friends in different neighborhoods.  It makes you feel worldly.  It’s even better when those friends make a point to explore their own neighborhoods and let you know of new, fun places.  That’s how we learned about E’s Bar, a spot that just opened about 3 months ago in the UWS.

With stickers on the ceiling, red pintuck cushions, and neon signs they are clearly going for a grungy, East Village vibe.  They’re almost there, but it’s still a little too new and clean to feel truly dive-y.  The food menu looked good with some well priced specials but we had already eaten so we focused on two far more important things: drinks and games.

Drinking is fun.  Games are fun.  Put them together and you’re bound to have a blast.  They have Sorry and Connect 4, but my favorites are Cards Against Humanity and Jenga.  Cards Against Humanity is an obvious choice because it gets hilarious and obscene, especially when you’re imbibing.  Jenga, however, may sound like an odd choice.  What makes Jenga here particularly fun is that it’s dirty Jenga.  Someone has written tasks on the blocks that must be completed before the blocks are replaced on the tower.  It’s kind of like Jenga: Truth or Dare Edition.  I am a big fan of day drinking, but sitting around for hours on end can get a tad boring.  Throwing games into the mix keeps it lively.  It also means I’m likely to stick around longer – nice thinking, E’s Bar.