ABC Beer Co.

As we were walking into Bobwhite Lunch and Supper Counter, Albert and I noticed a beer store next door.  We thought nothing of it at the time (after all, there are beer stores all over the city), but when we finished supper, we noticed there were people inside.  It was a little late to be shopping for beer and, besides, they didn’t look to be shopping.  They were just hanging around having an all around good time.  At that point we realized ABC Beer Co. is much more than just a beer store.  It’s a hangout.

It reminded me a lot of Good Beer because both places sell a ton of different craft brews in the front (make your own 6-pack style + growlers) as well as offering 12 rotating beers on tap.  And make sure you look at the taps themselves here.  They were custom made by a vendor found on Etsy.  The clip on tags are a great way to note the always changing selection, along with the beer’s origin, ABV, date tapped, and price.  The difference between the two places is that while Good Beer may have more actual beers to take home, ABC Beer Co. has a stronger emphasis on the bar part.  They may not do beer flights like at Good Beer, but they stay open later and there is more space in the back for casual drinking – enough space to throw a party, even.  They also have a nice menu of snacks like meats/chesse plates and sandwiches.