3 on Thursday

Football may be in full swing, but UGA actually had a bye for the second weekend of the season.  With the extra time, I headed to Hoboken for a much needed night with my best gal, Steph.  We may have had plans to tear up the town but instead ended up sitting on the couch, drinking lots of wine, and watching a Lifetime original movie.  Boring to you, maybe, but perfect for us.

  1. Since I’m new to the running game, I had not heard of Brooks Running, a shoe and apparel company.  My Mom is the one who introduced me after seeing them on one of those deal websites.  When she found out there was a company with the same name as my new nephew (her first grandbaby) she couldn’t help but buy me a shirt with their tagline “Run Happy.”  It may end up being part of my outfit for my big race that is getting scary close.
  2. Albert and I started our Friday night with a trip to one of our favorite spots, Good Beer.  Though we were heading to supper afterwards, we decided to have a snack with our beverages and picked up some of the SlantShack Jerkey from the counter.  I had tried SlantShack at Smorgasburg and have always been interested in making some custom jerky through their site, but that dream was put on the backburner when I tried the Brooklyn Brewery flavored jerkey they had by the register.  Delicious and perfectly paired with our brews.
  3. I loved being able to watch the cheese being made at Beecher’s before heading downstairs for brunch on Sunday.