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Pork Chops with Cauliflower Mash

I almost didn’t post this meal.  It’s not a “real” recipe and it’s almost too easy.  But then I remembered how much I enjoyed eating it and figured, hey, my loyal, deserving, super dee duper readers may not have discovered this preparation yet and probably want as many easy recipes as they can get.

For this meal I used my go-to marinade.  It’s so simple and is made from ingredients I always have in the house so it’s always what I go for when I’m a) pressed for time b) too stressed to think about what I’m doing or c) lazy.  It’s soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, minced garlic (or garlic powder), dijon mustard, and olive oil.  I don’t measure any of it.  I just throw it all into a ziplock bag along with the pork chops (or steak because this is great on steak, too) and let it sit while I pull together the rest of the meal.  The marinade was so easy, even Albert was able to prepare it…and he had to ask me how to close the ziplock bag.

While the pork chops were gettin busy with their new saucy friends, I cooked some cauliflower in boiling water for about ten minutes until it was fork tender.  Once that was done, I got the pork chops started.  Put them in a hot pan and pour some of the extra marinade over the top (the extra sauce will help give the chops a nice crust).  The pork chops cook for four minutes on each side.  While they’re cooking, drain the water out of the cauliflower pot and start mashing.  I’m a fan of mashing right there in the pot.  I started by using a potato masher but then quickly switched to my immersion blender.  Blend it with butter, salt, and pepper til it’s the consistency of mashed potatoes.  I also like to add in a little parmesan or asiago.  Rosemary would be nice too.

Pile the cauliflower mash on a platter and top with the pork chops.  The juice from that pork chop sauce will seep into the cauliflower, giving it even more flavor.  That marinade is good.  I mean, I know I kinda made it up with pantry staples, but it is good eatin.  And the cauliflower is all the comfort of a potatoes, but way healthier.  It’s your starch and your veggie all in one.  It’s like the Pert Plus of side dishes.

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