Monday Reads

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  1. I use a trip to the grocery store as a way to unwind and don’t find the NYC lines frustrating at all (once I learned how to navigate the different stores).  I wonder how many people will opt into Chicory, a delivery service that works by attaching a “Get Ingredients” button to the bottom of online recipes.
  2. Protesters in Hong Kong are looking for the leader, Leung Chun-ying, to step down because they aren’t happy with his policy of prescreening candidates for his successor.  Basically, it’s freedom on a very tight leash.
  3. Has anyone noticed all the songs about rear ends that popped up at the end of summer?  Maybe all this booty talk is good for society.
  4. California is outlawing plastic bags but charging for paper ones.  Will people adapt to bringing their own from home?