When I looked at the menu for Spring, I began to regret allowing Shawn to take the lead in setting up our pre-Yom Kippur fast meal.  Pretty much everything on the menu was tagged as either vegan or gluten free…and in some cases, both.  I don’t usually actively do “healthy” food.  I think of eating healthy as a bonus.  “Oh hey!  I made a delish meal and it just happened to be good for me.  Sweet!”  But in my mind anything that tries to be healthy is bound to taste bad.  But I have seen the light.  Food that is intentionally healthy can also taste good.  I finally understand what people mean when they say a restaurant serves “clean” food.

We started with edamame, tuna tartare, and spring rolls for the table.  The menu is very fish and veggie heavy so half the people at the table ordered salmon and the other half ordered the stir fry (which included hearty veggies like cauliflower).  I ordered the poached salmon and lentil salad.  I expected a true salad, but this was served compartmentalized, as a regular entree would with beets, lentils, and salmon, each in their own areas.  The beets were perfect on their own and the lentils were seasoned with dill and a lemon vinaigrette.  I also ordered a side of wasabi mashed potatoes (huge portion – great to share).  I would not have expected potatoes without a ton of butter or cream to be so flavorful, but the wasabi added dimention without a ton of extra calories.  I left the restaurant feeling full not fat.

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